Preferred Partners

Looking for high quality fitness apparel for your workouts?


Tooth x Nail is a boutique-style fitness apparel store located in Edina. The clothing is designed to enhance your workout experience. Mention Elite Fitness for 10% off your purchase in store or at Elite.
Need help finding the right pair of shoes to meet your needs?
Startline Running provides customized foot and gait analysis, to determine the best shoes for YOU. Mention Elite Fitness & receive 15% off your first pair of shoes. Click on the image below to be directed to their website.
Tired of shaving?
Mill City Laser is making hair reduction affordable for everyone. Mention Elite Fitness to find out about special offers. Click on the image below to schedule your free consultation today.
In need of a massage to aid in recovery from your fitness regimen?
Renew Now Therapeutic Massage will help manage your health and wellness goals. Mention Elite Fitness & receive 10% off your first massage. Click on the image below to book your massage today.