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Get a Taste of Elite-Level Nutrition & Wellness Coaching...

“As a coach, I treat my clients as unique individuals, addressing their needs holistically and guiding them through all stages of the consultation and nutritional coaching process. I approach complex problems thoughtfully, utilizing a wide range of skills and coaching methods best suited to each client. I believe in constant care, growth, and development for a lifetime of wellness.”

- Coach Michelle

Elite-level coaching for serious clientele

  • Achieve your ultimate health and wellness aspirations

  • Learn to become the best version of yourself with my help and guidance

  • Live a lifestyle true to yourself; customized to your unique values, priorities, and goals

  • Receive direction and support to make positive behavioral changes

  • Increase personal development and growth

Skilled in:

  • Disordered eating and “food addiction”

  • Dealing with client shame, fear, anxiety, defensiveness around nutrition & exercise coaching

  • Building body awareness in clients and teaching mindful eating

  • Working around activity limitations and medical issues

  • GI health, immunity, dietary preferences, and intolerances

  • Appropriate supplementation use

  • “Deep health,” stress, and immunity

  • Athletic nutrition: performance, inflammation, and supplementation

  • Pregnancy and post-partum nutrition

  • Working with youth & families

  • Life stages & aging

  • Special populations and individualizing programming

  • Working with clients’ other care providers (e.g. doctors, physical therapists, etc.)

  • Goal setting and helping clients take action

  • Identifying and assessing client learning styles

  • Preparing clients for action: clearing obstacles and limiting factors

  • Managing conflict and client emotions productively

  • Helping clients plan, schedule, and manage

  • Meal planning and prep

Call or email today for your complimentary health and wellness consultation!

Michelle Berry, Master Level Nutrition & Wellness Coach


Phone: 612.888.5237

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