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Curb Impulse Eating With a Few Simple Steps…

Ever had that feeling where you haven’t eaten in hours, your head is pounding, and you can’t think straight?

It’s happened to all of us. You might be out running errands, working late, or have let a hectic day go by without eating adequately. Unfortunately, this can significantly impact your health and fitness goals.

The key is to plan ahead! Below are a few simple steps to follow.

  1. Make a list of healthy, on-the-go foods you enjoy eating (e.g. raw nuts/seeds, veggies, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, etc.)

  2. Go to the grocery store and buy the items on your list

  3. Put your meal and/or snack options into small containers or plastic bags

  4. Pack a bag or small cooler with your prepared items. Don’t forget to grab utensils, napkins, or anything else you may need

  5. Grab a refillable water bottle and keep this with you

Make it a habit to be prepared ahead of time. This will not only make life easier, but will keep you feeling healthier and more energetic.

For further guidance and support along your journey, please reach out. Contact us today for a free consultation to see which program best suits your lifestyle.

Coach Michelle

Phone: 612.888.5237


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